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Superhero Stuff
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Superhero based progamming

On day, while searching and searching for good downloads of the comics related I needed to live, I realized something: there was no place on LJ for fans to get together and share what they have. This obviously needed to be rectified.

The community was created to share the cheesy goodness of pilot episodes that will never see the light of day, ancient (read 70's) comics to television mistakes, and quality cartoons and fan films. (Secretly we would love to have some cheesy cartoons and fan films too.)

All languages accepted.


This means, most posts can only be read if you are a member of this community. Almost all posts are locked.  We are sorry and cannot share with the great mass of antonymous out there, but we don't want to be deleted. Still, if you will look, we left you something. =)

Comments are loved and needed.


1. This community links to files in many different languages. That said we would like it best if you still posted in English or (even better) give an English summary of what you have said. We don't care if your English isn't very good, it's always close enough.

2. If you have links you would like to share of something that has already been
posted, please use the comments.

3. Keep posts in-topic. Please avoid posting entries that is not related to superhero based things. Unrelated posts will be deleted without prior notice.

4. NO advertising. We realize that many of the things here are hard to find. That is why we are sharing, but we do not approved of share bootleg copies on this comm. (You can always pimp in the comments should it come up though =))

You may advertise reviews or more information about what is posted here or superhero related fan films. Related communities and/or websites may be advertised, as long as it is not done repeatedly. These should also be friend locked.

5. Before requesting a series, check if it had been shared before. Use the tag index or memories page to see. You may make a post to request, but please give as many details about what you are looking for as possible.
If you are requesting Reuploads or another language, please try doing that in the comments of what you want first.

6. Possible sanctions for breaking rules: being removed from the member list or having a member's posting access removed.

7.Post are moderated, but will be processed quickly.

8. REDISTRIBUTION of links here is fine AS LONG AS CREDIT IS GIVEN. Look at the notes under the links, if it has a name that person is the uploader and should be credited it with it. If nothing is listed, link back to superhero_stuff

Joining this community means you agree to these rules.